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Welcome Beautiful.

We absolutely love what you do and invite you to join our #diamondtribe as an ANTICITY® Brand Ambassador.

Thank you for your interest in growing our team and becoming the lead Brand Ambassador for ANTICITY® in your region. We’re excited to embark on this fun and creative journey with you, let us explain how the program works …

The Brand

ANTICITY® ~ pronounced “An-tis-ity”

What is it?

A unique, comprehensive solution for protecting and fostering healthy, balanced skin that you will love. ANTICITY® targets pollutants specific to urban environments that cause dryness, acne, uneven skin tone, ageing and irritation.

“Our goal at ANTICITY® is to ultimately empower people to shatter self-limitations all while gaining a much higher self-confidence.” – Jacine Drummond.

ANTICITY® hails from Brisbane, Australia and is now available with the first, and currently the only, proprietary electrically charged clay mask in the world. For skin you’ve never experienced.

What is in it?


The ‘Queen of Precious of Gems’ acts as a skin penetration agent and activates the mother cells of the skin that increase longevity and youth within the skin.  The skin is protected against premature ageing caused by oxidation and UV exposure. Doubling as a natural superfine exfoliant, Diamond improves skin texture and refines pores for a flawlessly radiant look.


Alleviates cellular stresses on the skin and restores luminosity.  Elasticity is increased by up to 25% within 4 weeks, restoring firmness and youthfulness.  Sapphire activates the master antioxidant in the skin, protecting your skin from the damage of daily blue light exposure, leaving the skin more detoxified and radiant.


The only natural, ethically and sustainably sourced alternative to Retinol, Rambutan rejuvenates mature skin through biological pathways similar to retinol. High in water content for ultra hydrated skin, Rambutan’s ability to scavenge free radicals allows for optimal protection against oxidative damages leaving the skin softer, smoother and more supple.


Enica Clay, pronounced ‘En-e-sa’. Increases elasticity in the skin by up to 140% within 2 hours of use, our exclusive proprietary clay ‘Enica’ not only removes pollution particles from the skin but prevents them re-adhering.  Rich in nourishing minerals to replenish and remineralise the skin for the ultimate healthy glow.


Increases cellular energy in the skin by acting like an LED device in a bottle resulting in up to 47% visible reduction in wrinkles in 28 days. Australian Rose is known to reduce redness and calm the skin and correct oily and acne prone skins with its astringent and antibacterial properties. Australian Rose stimulates collagen and offers intense moisturisation with prominent levels of Vitamin C & E.


– Must be at least 18 years old.
– Have an active, public instagram (and Facebook) account.
(… and you love building your audience up!)
– Follow Anticity on Instagram and Facebook (@anticitybeauty) 
– Take high resolution images and video of yourself using ANTICITY® product
– Share your clean, clear (non-blurry), well lit content while tagging ANTICITY®
– Share your unique code with friends, family and your following (on any ANTICITY® related social media posts)
– Have fun and glow with us

What’s in it for you?

– Base commission of 10% on all sales generated from your posts + performance based bonuses
(allows you to control how much you earn, more sales generated = higher monthly commission).
– FREE products & gifts.
– Limited time discount codes starting at 15% off to share with your friends, family and following.
– Early access for you and your community to new products, sales and promotions.
– Flawlessly brilliant and beautiful skin, like you’ve never experienced.

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