Ingredient Philosophy

Anticity® pronounced ‘An-tis-ity’ is a luxurious beauty range that is scientifically formulated to alleviate and protect skin against pollutants and cellular damage.

Proudly Australian made and owned, Anticity® harnesses the power of precious gems such as Diamond and Sapphire to enhance your skins ability to repair and counteract modern day living.


The ‘Queen of Precious of Gems’ acts as a skin penetration agent and activates the mother cells of the skin that increase longevity and youth within the skin.  The skin is protected against premature ageing caused by oxidation and UV exposure.

A natural superfine exfoliant, the skin texture is improved and pores are refined for a flawlessly radiant look. 


Enica Clay, pronounced ‘En-e-sa’. Increasing Elasticity of the skin by up to 140% within 2 hours of use, our exclusive proprietary clay ‘Enica’ not only removes pollution particles from the skin but prevents them re-adhering.  Rich in precious, and nourishing minerals to replenish and remineralise the skin for the ultimate healthy glow. 


Alleviates cellular stresses on the skin and restores luminosity.  Elasticity is increased by up to 25% within 4 weeks, restoring firmness and youthfulness.  Sapphire activates the master antioxidant in the skin, protecting your skin from the damage of daily blue light exposure, leaving the skin more detoxified and radiant.

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