"Breakouts, Irritation, Pigmentation and Aging all have one thing in common.... Pollution is one of the major triggers."

From the laboratories of Anticity® comes a unique clay called Bioenergetique. The world’s first proprietary electrically charged clay that not only prevents adhesion but removes pollution particles from your skin.

On a daily basis our skin is exposed to environmental pollutants such as smoke, allergens and heavy metals. These pollutants concentrate at the surface of the skin destabilising your skins protective mechanisms, leaving your skin vulnerable.

Normal cleansing doesn’t always remove them efficiently, resulting in the generation of damaging free radicals that breakdown your collagen and elastin, making your skin look aged, dull and rough.

A unique enzymatic clay that contains the proprietary clay


Like a powerful magnet, Enica® clay binds to the skin and removes pollution particles and prevents re-adherance.


Activating the skins defence system and regenerating the skins natural antioxidant system. 


Boosting collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production for a younger more youthful complexion. 


This professional strength “at home” treatment effortlessly removes pollution from your skin. 


Activating the same DNA pathways as a retinol peel, the skin is rapidly rejuvenated with ZERO down time or irritation.


Skin is instantly softer, intensely hydrated, smoother and more radiant, with results continuing for up to 2 weeks post use.

What Makes Us Different?


Enica® Clay detoxifies and Intensely Hydrates.  Our proprietary clay deeply absorbs into the skin pores removing pollution like a magnet activating the detoxification pathways of your body.  

This miracle clays draws out dirt and impurities from deep within the pores, boosting repair of the skin and restoring the natural antioxidants to optimal status.

Hyaluronic acid is boosted for sustained hydration you can feel.

Harvested from the arid lands of Mediterranean coast.  Ciste M® an extract from Rock Rose is a vegetal Phoenix that rescues your skin from exposure to multi-light exposure, protecting your skin from blue light damage.

Containing a unique defence mechanism that is found in its leaves. The leaves product natural antioxidant molecules that protects and boosts repair of the DNA of your skin cells.

It prevents the breakdown of collagen by 43% and reduces the production of free radicals by 92%.  

Skin becomes more radiant and smooth

A trilogy of powerful biological enzymes whisk away dead skin cells, brightening the complexion for a more radiant and even skin tone.  

Containing  booster Nephoria®, a unique extract from the Rambutan Fruit that is rich in a precious youth molecule, corilagin.  This youth molecule has been concentrated 15 times and rejuvenates skin though biological pathways similar to retinol.  

It is the first botanical ingredient ever tested on 4 Dimensional bioprinted skin which documented evidence of increasing elasticity by 19%.

Diamond and sapphire are bound and attached to potent cosmetic peptides that drive the delivery of these anti-aging actives into the deepest layers of the skin.

The skin contours are visibly sculpted and lifted.  The face is redefined for a firmer and more voluminous appearance.

Prebiotics balance the natural flora of the skin, restoring the normal pH of the skin and preventing the proliferation of troublesome bacteria.  Inflammation is reduced and harmony is restored.

Who Is This For?

The woman who is uncompromising on beauty and results.  Formulated with real certified gems, Anticity has been professionally formulated for skin that desires dramatic clarity and pore refinement.  For a flawless and polished complexion. 

In just one use congested skin is clarified and dull skin is brightened and radiant.  Skin tone is more even and revealing a healthy luminous glow.

Best results are seen 7 to 14 days after use, allowing the youth gene activating molecules to be stimulated. 

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