What we care about

Our dream is to eventually have our own animal welfare refuge, where no animal is at risk of being put down because they are not rehomed.  To provide a safe place and somewhere that rescue groups can contact for emergencies.

Until we reach that point however, we are donating to charities who work tirelessly to ensure the welfare of all animals is enabled.  Without the financial support and fundraising that is undertaken, many of these charities would not be able to reach their goals of saving lives.  We believe every little bit helps, no matter how small.  Anticity is proudly donating 5% of all profits to the following charities.

Charities we work with

We are proud supporters of the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, WWF and Oceans 2 Earth. 

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital was established in 1973 and is a licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility.  The Hospital is a popular tourist attraction which welcomes thousands of national and international visitors every year.  Admission is free.  The Hospital is also a scientific research, training and education centre.

The work of the Koala Hospital is supervised and carried out by a small number of employed staff including a Clinic Vet, Conservation Manager, Administration Manager and several casual leaf collectors.  A large body of approximately 175 committed volunteers is vital to the Koala Hospital.

Koala Conservation Australia (KCA) manages the Koala Hospital.  This not-for-profit organisation has the wider mission to lead the world in the care and conservation of wild Koalas, to increase knowledge and understanding of the species and to work collaboratively to ensure their survival into the future.

Oceans To Earth

Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers is a charity registered in Australia offering volunteering and adventure travel experiences for ethically minded animal and conservation lovers looking for the trip of a lifetime.

O2E believes the way to solve the issues of animal mistreatment and environmental destruction and degradation is to provide people with the opportunity to contribute and interact so that they may develop their own personal culture of responsibility and global conservation.  People exposed first hand to challenging bio diverse environmental issues are more likely to draw on those experiences and continue to make a positive impact once they drive home. 


WWF works to help local communities conserve the natural resources they depend upon; transform markets and policies towards sustainability; and protect and restore species and their habitats. Their efforts ensure that the value of nature is reflected in decision-making from local to a global scale.

WWF connects cutting-edge conservation science with the collective power of our partners in the field, more than one million supporters int he United States and five million globally, as well as partnerships with communities, companies and governments.

Today human activities put more pressure on nature than ever before, but it’s also people who have the power to change this trajectory.  Together, we can address the greatest threat to life on this planet and protect the natural resources that sustain and inspire us.

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