Pink Australian Clay Mask: Is It All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Is having naturally radiant skin your dream? Have you ever considered going the natural route with Australian Pink Clay but unsure what the hype is about?

In a fast-paced world, we often turn to chemicals to help create luminous and healthy skin. Fast foods, stress, and a lack of exercise all contribute to creating problem skins. So, we turn to natural methods, but is an Australian Pink Clay mask the answer?

Australian Pink Clay Explained

A go-to staple of skin treatment is to slap on a face mask. Lately, Australian Kaolin Pink Clay has become a much-loved favourite. It is excellent for drawing impurities from skin, cleaning out pores, and tightening up your skin tone. 


However, most Kaolin masks can be quite drying, a challenge that many consumers often face when trying to treat their acne.  There are numerous brands with Pink Clay masks available, claiming that the clay is unique in some way.  But is it the pink that does the magic?



What Is Pink Clay?

Pink Clay is mostly composed of naturally occurring kaolin clay, which, in its purest form, is white in colour. The pink colour is usually (and often falsely) attributed to the presence of iron oxide in the natural kaolin clay.   The red iron oxide combined with the write kaolin, then gives a pink hue to the product.



However, a reality is that most commercially sold Pink Clays contain a whole load of other substances that not only add to the colour but also load your skin with unnecessary and unnatural chemicals. 



So, What Makes a Pink Clay Pink and Should You Choose It? 

Simply take any of the leading Pink Clay products on the market and study their list of ingredients in detail. While they are loaded with many beneficial substances, most are far from “pure.” 


The key ingredient in Pink Clay is kaolin clay, which is found world wide; however, manufacturers add a range of ingredients ranging from essential oils to colorants, preservatives, buffers, and perfuming agents.


Deciding whether you should choose Pink Clay becomes a challenge when you consider the list of harmful substances that are added to kaolin to make commercial beauty products. You could choose natural kaolin clay for a pure cleansing experience, however for many acne clients clay masks can sometimes make it worse. 


In order to stop the skin feeling “too clean” and “dry”, many manufacturers load the pre-made facial masks with oils and hydrating agents.  Some of which actually can lead to more clogged pores’; the very thing they are trying to treat.  This is where pure clay masks containing Kaolin have benefit.

Benefits of Kaolin and How It Works for Your Skin

Knowing what kaolin is and how to use it can help you create a beauty routine that will give you a healthy skin.



Advantages of Using of Kaolin 

Kaolin is a great acne treatment as it removes and absorbs excess sebum from your skin. It’s mildly abrasive qualities gently exfoliate skin, removing dead skin cells and any impurities such as pollutants from the atmosphere. Your skin benefits by being encouraged into renewal cycles that actively produce new skin cells. 



Natural Ingredients of Kaolin Clay

Kaolin clay is naturally enriched with minerals that have a load of benefits for your skin. These have very little to do with the colour of kaolin clay, but they do have loads to do with your skin’s healing and health.



Kaolin and Minerals 
While most sources of kaolin clay do not yield 100% pure kaolin, this is not a disaster as kaolin is often fortified by nature with minerals such as zinc, silica, and magnesium. 
These minerals add to the healing benefits of kaolin clay. They reduce inflammation in the skin, help heal any scarring, and remove and absorb bacteria and excessive sebum or skin oil, however sometimes they can feel quite drying on the skin. This makes kaolin clay not always the best choice for cleaning, nourishing, and protecting your skin.

The Power Of Synergy

The best facial treatments use more than one type of clay.  An ideal mask would contain Kaolin, Diatomaceous earth and Bentonite.  The mixture of all 3 aids in preventing the skin from dehydration and creates a “softer” and more gentle approach to cleansing the skin.


Skin is far more hydrated and radiant, especially for acne clients who are 25+ in age or more mature.

Finally, Unmask It

Kaolin clay or Australian Pink Clay, can be a great choice for super oily skins, however choosing masks that are not in a tube is a far better option for your skin.  You avoid any ingredients that have the potential to clog your pores up. Go natural; go raw clay with a blend of kaolin, bentonite and diatomaceous earth. Unmask pure powdered clays and enjoy what raw clay has to offer today!

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